M’Afrique @ Cooper Hewitt


This summer season you can enjoy our M’Afrique collection in one of the poshest locations of New York’s Upper East Side, the Arthur Ross Garden of the Cooper Hewitt Museum.
Part of the museum’s celebration of the recently opened exhibit “Saturated: The Allure and Science of Color”, the garden is fitted with a selection of our colorful handwoven African products offering a retrospective on older designs and touching upon some of the most recent ones.
The Reii bench by Patricia Urquiola, Gaal bench by Birsel and Seck, Shadowy by Tord Boontje, Amaca by David Weeks and Banjooli by Sebastian Herkener, offer a unique view into the handcrafting techniques used to produce this collection. The structural lines are inspired by African wildlife while the bold colors are a homage to the country’s heritage.
The M’Afrique  collection started in 2009 as a social project, bringing together international designers and local weavers of Dakar, Senegal where each piece is handmade. Over the years M’Afrique has established itself and grown becoming a permanent addition of the Moroso catalog.

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