70 years of Moroso

12th April 2022

Moroso was founded in 1952 in north-eastern Italy by Agostino Moroso, who established the company’s reputation as a furniture manufacturer on the strength of its regional artisanal craftsmanship.

Moroso continues to be a family-owned company, headed by Roberto Moroso and Patrizia Moroso, whose unified leadership has allowed Moroso to continuously develop its industrial process without compromising on artistic vision.
As Moroso looks to the future, it seeks to expand its product line in ways that are aligned with its central mission of integrating the beauty of design within society

Celebrating 70 years of activity today, Moroso’s approach to design has gone beyond just the production of furniture.
unique approach that leads us to positively experience every change taking place in Society, allowing us to translate ideas into concrete actions that have the potential of influencing the market and inspiring people.