Anomalye nella storia

The tale of Father Christmas told by Dragana Sapanjos for Moroso

Dragana Sapanjos, the artist of Croatian origin, transforms shared symbols of Christmas, reinterpreting them with Moroso objects. This is the inspiration behind the Christmas window display of the Moroso show-room in Milan, entitled „Anomalye nella storia“ (“Anomalies in the story”), which puts an ironic and anomalous twist on the tale of Father Christmas.

“I tried to align my dark spirit with my vision of Moroso, which to me has always been „Father Christmas‘ workshop“, ever since I was a child.“ The artist explains. “In my mind, Moroso is the place where everything is possible, where dreams come true: where an artist, or a designer, can fully express their creativity and at the same time create products that can be placed on the market”.

The window display showcases a winter forest, featuring Father Christmas‘ sled made from the frames of the Bohemian sofa by Patricia Urquiola for the structure; the seat consists of Fjords, also by Urquiola. The sled is being pulled by 4 Anomaly ottomans, designed by Front, which in the artist’s interpretation feature as Father Christmas‘ reindeer.In the Moroso window display however, the sled is overturned: as though Father Christmas had crashed it because while on his way to deliver the presents he happened to pass by the Moroso show-room and, distracted by the sheer beauty of products on display, he swerved straight into it.

Moroso products pour out of the overturned sled: Father Christmas was on his way to deliver them all. The selection of items consists of a series of objects – coffee tables, ottomans, stools, small accessories: all perfect Christmas gift ideas, this year too suggesting the idea of adding a touch of design under the tree.

Ph: Leonardo Duggento