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Moroso was established in 1952. It was the brainchild of Agostino Moroso who, with his wife, Diana, founded the company with the objective of making sofas, armchairs and furnishing accessories. An artisanal approach to product manufacturing and extraordinary creativity in the designing stage formed the foundations of a vision which enabled the firm to grow and distinguish itself in the market for its product quality, innovation and creativity. In the Eighties, the second generation of the family launched an exhaustive programme of auteur design studies.

Nearly seventy years after its founding, Moroso is positioned among the haute couture of international design, a leading company in upholstered-furniture manufacturing.

Through the creative input of designers of the calibre of Ron Arad, Patricia Urquiola, Ross Lovegrove, Konstantin Grcic, Alfredo Häberli, Toshiyuki Kita, Marcel Wanders, Tokujin Yoshioka, Enrico Franzolini, Doshi & Levien, Tord Boontje, Nendo, Front and others, Moroso has over the years created a collection of iconic designs. All with an unmistakable Moroso style, yet each exuding the essence of different latitudes and cultures. Its international outlook has introduced Moroso to some of the most beautiful design settings in the world, including MoMA in New York, Le Palais de Tokyo and the Grand Palais in Paris, and the Venice Biennale, and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Significant partnerships which allowed Moroso to create a vast and varied product range equally suited to residential or contract use.


Founded as a family firm, over the years Moroso has gradually added a strong, managerial structure to harness winning synergies in the global upholstered furniture market. A growth trajectory that is integral to Moroso’s tradition of research, technological and material innovation, skilful craftsmanship and a strategic, versatile market vision.

Furthermore, Moroso has always focused closely on customer satisfaction, on satisfying customers’ needs and expectations and guaranteeing products and services that are always of the highest standard. This approach, united with a profound respect for our environment, led Moroso to become the first upholstered-furniture manufacturer to be granted ISO 9001 production process certification (in 1994) and, in 1999 ISO 14001 environmental management system certification. Moroso exports to 70 countries.



The story of Moroso is about adopting a different approach to the market.
It is a story told by our designs and projects, by people, the protagonists of contemporary living, who tell of our genuine, spontaneous passion for beauty, emotion, design and art.
It is a story of the dedication which we have shown day in and day out for more than 60 years to our production and working methods, to our artisanal care for each product, and to our honest and direct relationship with our suppliers and customers.
An active, and responsive, approach which has helped secure a solid financial position, creating long-term economic value which is shared with, and benefits, everyone involved, from industry to the arts, and which we believe is key to building a better world. Growth, development and being receptive to new ideas are only possible when there is respect.
This is the beauty of design, the project as a way of embracing life, a vision of the world. A colourful world which celebrates difference and diversity, making them a physical part of daily life and form of communication and interaction.


“The story of Moroso is the story of our relationships with designers, people who, with intelligence and with the passion which always inspires artists in the face of beauty, are trying to change the world for the better. I ask them not to imagine a single object, but to imagine a new world and project it into the future. “

Patrizia Moroso


We take Assembly as a metaphor, as a concept for exploration and experimentation, and Transition as a condition for design, a way to avoid designs which are too utopian or too excessive.

Design for Moroso is not simply about a product catalogue or inventory, but rather a flow which extends out into the world to mingle with and become part of our society; it is a generative flow, because without living spaces, without the individual, an object, any object, cannot exist.

Assemble, mix , connect: the meanings are many and varied, representing a multitude of possible directions which in Interaction find the link between the ordinary and extra-ordinary, the practice that opens up the everyday to normally alien territories, the connection between fragments of contemporary life and memory.

Through relationships and interactions, each design, each product is viewed differently by each beholder because it speaks to our different experiences of the world. It is an approach which is exploratory by necessity, a three-dimensional mapping where time overlaps space and vice versa, where what comes out of the relationship with designers does not necessarily assume the appearance of a matrix.

A geography of emotions, a projection of the world in image and politics. Research as a journey, as possibility, as an aesthetic dimension which anticipates and overwhelms. Design as passion, like Beauty which forces us to re-find our ability to tell and involve, going beyond the dimension of immediate pleasure, of mere liking.

On balance, to quote Kundera, “Einmal ist keinmal” because if something is not to be repeated, then it is merely chance, and so untellable.


Research, talent, expertise, geography: the quality of Moroso products is the sum of all the factors which combine to make every single product unique.

Quality and Environmental Policy
Safety Policy


Quality of materials, the precision and care given to every detail by master craftsmen and tailors, the careful selection of materials and finishes; quality in design, allowing personalization, the handling of small orders and close relationships with our suppliers; artistic quality in the ability to imagine, the ability to interpret the different vision and sensibility of each designer and acknowledge their importance. Ethical quality, in our commitment to be a company dedicated to knowledge, respecting the work of every single person who contributes to this: our staff, suppliers, partners and customers.

Certified quality, with the award of iso:9001 in 1994 and iso: 14001 in 1999.

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