POR FESR 2014 – 2020: Factory 4.0

The process-innovation project that intends to set up involves a review of operating procedures that do not meet corporate needs, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by leading-edge design and information technologies.

By setting up this project, intends to:

  • Increase competitiveness and reduce time to market.
  • Reduce costs and prototype lead times, as well as reducing waste in terms of both raw materials and the work involved in the physical prototyping process.
  • Optimize technical data management by improving the different stages of the product development process.
  • Reduce information search and archiving times, increasing productivity, reduce archive space, simultaneously increasing safety, in full respect of the eco-sustainability philosophy that has always pursued.

The project is called “Factory 4.0: creativity, artisan skills and intelligent organization”. It has received the support of the European Union as part of the ERDF ROP 2014 – 2020 for the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Grant Proposal 1.2.a DGR 647/2016.

The amount of the project eligible for funding amounts to € 566,018.63; the amount allocated is € 226,407.53.