Forest Wandering

Kvadrat Febrik and Moroso, together with Front Design, have co-created a scenic installation entitled Forest Wandering, which will be hosted at Teatro Dei Filodrammatici in Milan, during the 2022 Design Week. Visitors will be able to discover the latest collaboration between the two brands and the talented Swedish duo: Arda, a knitted fabric designed for Kvadrat Febrik and Pebble Rubble, a modular system of seats designed for Moroso. Pebble Rubble upholstered volumes recall rocks polished by aeons of rain and wind, cloaked by an organic layer that makes their weathered surfaces comfortable and welcoming.  

More than just simulation, Forest Wandering is rooted in the long research project during which the design duo explored the therapeutic effects of nature on people’s physical and mental health and the cultural and psychological significance of unspoilt environments, particularly those of their native Sweden.

7 – 10 June from 10am to 7pm
Teatro Filodrammatici di Milano
via Filodrammatici 1, Milano

Ph credits: Gianluca Vassallo, White Box Studio

Project design: Anna Lindgren, Sofia Lagerkvist | Front Design
Video and photographs: Andy Liffner
The Forest on the Table: Green Wise Italy
Display Coordination: Giuliana de Luca
Teatro Filodrammatici di Milano: Vanessa Radrizzani