From fiber to product: The exciting journey of a textile

On March 22nd, the second date of the workshop event “From Fabric to Product: the Exciting Journey of a Textile” took place in Lisbon.
In collaboration with Kvadrat and hosted by our friends at A Linha da Vizinha, 18 designers and architects took up the challenge of reinventing the upholstery of the iconic Fjord Relax armchair, designed by Patricia Urquiola.

The talented winner will come visit us at HQ and discover how our products and collections come to life.

The first dates are:
March 7: Moroso Showroom Milan, Italy
March 22: Moroso @ a Linha da Vizinha Lisbon, Portugal
May 21: Moroso Showroom Ghent, Belgium
May 23: Moroso Showroom Amsterdam, Netherlands