From Fiber to Product: The exciting journey of a textile – Beijing

Moroso 3D workshop in Beijing (Taiwan)

Good news: our 3D workshops are back! The new edition of our workshop “From Fiber to Product: The exciting journey of a textile” arrived in Beijing.

The event was held in the Moroso flagship store in collaboration with Kvadrat, on an area set up specifically for the occasion of presenting the 2021 products to the Chinese market, with an important exhibition. The space was provided by Moroso’s local partner, Classic Living. About forty designers attended the workshop; they were invited to demonstrate their creativity by reinventing the Clarissa armchair, a masterpiece of the Moroso collection designed by Patricia Urquiola. Kvadrat supported the designers’ creativity by providing a wide selection of fabrics for use in upholstering the 3-D model of the armchair.

The jury chose a talented winner, who took home a special edition of a Clarissa armchair!

Where will the next workshop take place? Stay with us to find it out!