In Milan, where every story has a special weave

For Brera Design Days, 30 September to 9 October, the Moroso showroom in Via Pontaccio features a new display by Marco Viola Studio.
The showroom is turned into a severe space, an art gallery with a colour shade-driven layout, a white cube, a transformation chamber where the structure’s perspectives broaden the sensorial experience of the forms.
White floor and walls as a first impression, cold neon light and ceiling lighting serve to highlight the timelessness of the products, which are displayed according to the hard and fast rule of colour grouping: greens, reds, blues, purples, oranges, pinks and yellows of the fabrics upholstering Moroso’s iconic furnishings. The space, turned into a limbo, is deliberately subdivided by geometric pictures made of beautiful fabrics hung on the walls in a perfect organic unity with the products’ graceful, evocative forms.
On Wednesday 5 October an open-to-all drinks reception will be held from 6pm to 10pm.