Moroso showroom opening – Horgen (Zurigo)

New Moroso showroom in Switzerland

On the 17th of October we’ll open a new Moroso showroom in Horgen (Zurigo). The new space, opened to the visitors from Wednesday the 17th, will be dedicated to novelties but also to Moroso great classics. the exposition will be periodically renewed.

The day will begin with the 3D workshop „From Fiber to Product: the exciting journey of a textile“. The event arrives in Switzerland after Budapest, Amsterdam and London. From 9:30 onwards, designers and architects will take up the challenge of reinventing the upholstery of a Take a Line for a Walk armchair. A 3D model of the armchair and a great selection of Kvadrat fabrics will be available to participants. Alfredo Häberli, the armchair designer, will be part of the jury who’ll decide who’ll be the talented winner.

A soft opening will follow the workshop, to celebrate the new Moroso showroom.