MOROSO with Patricia Urquiola for the new LUISAVIAROMA terrace

LUISAVIAROMA inaugurates on November 29 a new green space in Florence. Patricia Urquiola, who designed the Oasis, chose Moroso and Kettal to furnish the large outdoor area, an elegant green lounge in vibrant colours. The layout is in keeping with the essential style of the Florentine concept store, which, with this project, highlights its increasingly strong ties to the world of design.
Patricia Urquiola has worked with Moroso since 1999. Her enormously successful designs for the company include Tropicalia, which the Spanish architect has now chosen in order to lend a contemporary vibe to the LUISAVIAROMA lifestyle concept, which expresses a laid-back luxury that prefers to be rather than to seem to be, that chooses beauty which is not only exterior but extends to its “interiors”.
Featuring sophisticated weaves of cords forming geometric shapes, the Tropicalia collection furnishes the space with discretion and style, in perfect harmony with the Oasis.