Nature Morte Vivante: Patricia Urquiola at Madrid Design Festival

The exhibition displays products from different stages in Patricia Urquiola’s career

From 1st to 29th February, the city of Madrid placed the spotlight on international design with its third Madrid Design Festival.
Among its many exhibitions planned for this year, the festival has wanted to recognise one of the best-known designers worldwide: Patricia Urquiola (Oviedo, 1961), by hosting the first grand exhibition in the Spanish capital that focuses on her designs.
Nature Morte Vivante, organised by Ana Dominguez Siemens, mainly focuses on Patricia Urquiola’s work as a designer, showing her works for industrial production, occasionally for craft production and frequently for the cross between them both. The exhibition is laid out in a non-chronological way, gathering the pieces around five “still lifes”, or dead nature art, that explore a series of recurrent themes in her line of work and mindset.
On display, until the 1st of March, our Fjord, Gogan, Lilo, Biknit and Smock armchair, our Fishbone low table and our Tapestry.

Ph: Sebastián Bejarano