Patrizia Moroso: comics, design, art and butterflies

On Thursday 20th June, in the prestigious setting of the “Triennale di Milano”, Patrizia Moroso, in conversation with Virginio Briatore, who created DPM with Giulio Iacchetti, shared her story through ten objects that have had an important role in her life. Her story, a portrait of her professional and personal growth, encompassed topics going from comics to design, her love for art and butterflies.
The evening with Patrizia Moroso, creative director of her family’s company, was one of a series of meetings coordinated by the team at “Design People Milano” (, whose main focus is design, as viewed and told by different guests every time. The goal of these events is to explore design with the aim of making it interesting within and beyond the boundaries of the design community: their idea is to create a space where people can meet, while involving guests who can share experiences and stories, based on their passion for design.