Himalayan rugs, accessories
by Golran, 2021

The collection “Himalayan rugs”, consists of a series of rugs made using the kilim knotting technique, and feature an unprecedented combination of materials. The blend of Allo fiber with banana conveys an irregular and artisanal effect, that, enhances the brightness of the nettle in juxtaposition with the roughness of the fringes made in jute yearn for the warp.

A juxtaposition that surprises, and in the case of the Himalayan nettle, demonstrates the passion of the company to research and experiment with unusual natural fibers.

Allo is characterized by physical and mechanical properties that make it apt for textile production, especially for the length of the fiber, which is longer than any other natural fibers available. Traditionally spun and woven to create jackets, ropes, mats, bags and blankets, the nettle fiber today represents an important rural potential income generator, especially in mountain areas.

“It is a selection of high-quality rugs, manufactured by our historical partner Golran. I’ve always been interested in the research of different materials, and for the series of flat-weave rugs, ‘Himalayan Rugs’, we used Allo, an incredible natural fiber derived from Himalayan nettle, that gives the product an intense brightness.” – Patrizia Moroso