Pebble Rubble, system
by Front, 2022

Pebble Rubble by the Swedish design duo Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren of Front Design is a sensory experience.

Imagine we find ourselves upon a massive, mysterious slab of stone. As if, in a time long before our own, someone gifted with superhuman strength lifted and positioned it, creating a megalithic seat. Let’s imagine that all this occurs in an unexpected location – in the entrance of a bank, the lounge of a hotel or in the halls of a library. Lastly, let’s imagine that we are getting closer to its surface and only then becoming aware of their softness.

Pebble Rubble by the Swedish design duo Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren of Front Design for Moroso is a sensory experience. An illusion that lures us and captivates us, altering our perception of time. Alongside our freneticdaily routine, nature’s slow and boundless rhythm.

Quoting Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren: “Our new system of furniture for Moroso took its forms from found shapes in nature. As children in our native Sweden, our playground was the forest, and we imagined rocks, moss and fallen trees to be furniture and places for the body to rest and occupy. For this seating group, we 3D scanned rocks we saw on our many forest walks, and composed these organic shapes together into furniture pieces.”

Pebble Rubble design conveys a message that transcends the functions and qualities of a common seat. The most evident characteristic is the similarity of the upholstered volumes to those massive rocks, polished by the tireless rain and wind and cloaked by an organic or plant layer capable of softening its roughness and making the surfaces comfortable and welcoming.

A scenic installation that doesn’t stop at simply simulating, but rests on a lengthy research during which the designers investigated the therapeutic benefits that nature has on people’s physical and mental health, as well as the cultural and psychological significance of natural environments, in particular those found in the designers’ native Sweden.

Although it is mainly intended for use in the Corporate and Hospitality sectors, Pebble Rubble is made up of 15 modules (seats and backrests) complemented by 3 (foot)stools that allow for a free, flexible, and creative composition process. There are infinite arrangement possibilities, from the single armchair to the creation of a sophisticated panorama, and the whole will contribute to making any interior project magical and unique.


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