Smock, armchair

Smocking stitch design

Take a classic looking embroidery stitch and decontextualize it. Blend craftsmanship and industrial processing and broaden the imagination to create a stylish, sophisticated piece which feeds into the symbolic feminine universe. Expand it. Two rings become armrests similar to the simple style of a bamboo bag; the shell, which has something of the feel of a baseball mitt, is an open tanktop ready to be slipped into, a comfy welcoming nest. The side embroidery –in smocking stitch – render the draping contemporary, and give a lightness to the form, giving the chair the grace and sophistication of a classic fashion accessory.

Injected flame-retardant polyurethane foam over internal steel frame. Arms are leather-wrapped tubular steel in the same color of the chair or on request. Swivel base and column are steel powder coat finish. Smock collection covers are not removable.