Take a Line For a Walk, armchair
by Alfredo Häberli, 2003

Drawing is taking a line for a walk (Paul Klee)

Cars, spaceships, captain’s command chairs at the control panel, a host of references to fantasy boyhood worlds, and emotional triggers to the memories of games played there. A wraparound shell, which comforts and protects, a place to relax, rest your head, cut yourself off from the outside world. Designed in 2002, the lounger has kept its innate expressive power. 10 years on, it finds itself upholstered with a zip running the length of its profile, dividing the external from the internal. On the outside it is all precise, orderly geometry; inside, it is softness, bright colours and exuberantly feminine.

Injected flame-retardant polyurethane foam over internal steel frame. 4-star, swivel (code 0V6, 389). Available with cotton gel quilt (code 340) or quilted fabric (code 354). Take a line for a walk covers are not removable.