is the moroso world’s lateral look
at the world.

1. 1. Relations is the place for conversation. And the beginning. When people sit next to each other and start by smiling. Then theyll talk. / 2. It's the behind-the-scenes space inside the factory when digressing is possible. It's the shell of “time wasting”. / 3. Relations is creating a break from a creative moment. / 4. It’s a moment of solicitude: at Moroso, designers immediately become part of a big family. 5. Relations is the unveiling of the world to do with the designers and the company itself. / 6. It’s range and reflection. 7. Relations reveals the soul of its art director: Patrizia Moroso (and her cultural passions). / 8. It’s fun. There’s laughter during interviews: it happens. / 9. Relations is the surprise effect that shyly emerges between words and then a powerful yell, as Keith Jarrett suddenly did in the Concert in Cologne, in 1975. / 10. Relations encompasses art and music. Drawings, thoughts. Words and brains. And a lot of heart. (by Patrizia Moroso, Moroso art director)