Biennale Arte 2019

The artist Anthea Hamilton collaborates with Patrizia Moroso

for her Mama Moth Sofa (2019) for the Biennale Arte 2019

May 11, 2019 marked the opening to the public of the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia titled “May You Live in Interesting Times” and curated by Ralph Rugoff, director at the Hayward Gallery in London.

On the occasion of the Biennale Arte 2019 the British artist Anthea Hamilton collaborates with Patrizia Moroso, creative director at Moroso. Mama Moth Sofa (2019) by Anthea Hamilton is shown both in the Central Pavilion and in the Stirling Pavilion at the Giardini; the artwork embodies transformation and nature through the overt forms of a giant moth.
“A sense of estrangement runs throughout Anthea Hamilton’s work. Vintage references from popular culture, fashion, and design open up into immersive environments and uncanny objects, their original meanings emptied out and transformed within her sculptures and installations. Temporal distances from art and culture produced in past decades can be misleading, in that spans of time can render certain references celebratory, kitsch, and even neutral. Within Hamilton’s work, however, the benign elements of fashion and design are reconsidered. Provocations are brought forth through repetition and a deployment of blankness and surface.” – Ruba Katrib

The artwork was conceived by Anthea Hamilton for her participation in the Biennale Arte 2019 and supported by kaufmann Repetto, Milan, and Thomas Dane Gallery, London / Naples. Its creation has been entrusted to Moroso, under Patrizia Moroso’s creative direction, due to its long-standing reputation for artisanal approaches to manufacturing and its strong creative drive in design.

Most recently, on the occasion of the Biennale Arte 2017 Moroso collaborated with Olafur Eliasson on the presentation of Green Light – an artistic workshop in collaboration with Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary of Vienna (TBA21). Moroso participated in the project developing the furniture and accessories presented in the central space where the workshop took place for the six-month run of the 57th edition.