The exhibition “Waiting for Kentridge” arrives at the new Moroso space in Udine, as part of the Piccolo Festival dell’Animazione

19 November–10 December 2021 – Opening at 18:00 on 19 November in the presence of the artist William Kentridge

MOROSO DESIGN OUTLET, Via Nazionale 85, Tavagnacco (Udine)

Presented by Paola Bristot and Andrijana Ružić


This year’s Piccolo Festival dell’Animazione will be opened by William Kentridge, the celebrated artist who opened the festival in virtual mode last year and is one of the leading figures on the international scene. Students and fans of cinematic animation will be able to see 12 of his films on video stations, monitors, computers and televisions placed around the new Moroso space, which has been renovated, in collaboration with Marco Viola Studio, in an industrial loft aesthetic of great relevance to contemporary ideas on visual presentation. The works are displayed unconventionally in a series of comfortable viewing lounges. William Kentridge will be present in person to open the festival and speak about his work and the exhibition at 18:00 on 19 November.

Paola Bristot and Andrijana Ružić, who have managed the installations in collaboration with the Lia Rumma Gallery and Kentridge Studio, take pride in this convergence between the world of design and that of cinematic animation, which increasingly finds common ground with contemporary art. Patrizia Moroso, who has always been alive to interconnections between different aspects of the arts, has supported full interaction between the exhibition space, Moroso products and the films. Bristot and Ružić “look forward to seeing the result of this synergy, which in Friuli Venezia Giulia represents the fullest expression of the interrelation of visual languages and internationally recognised production systems”.

Communication of the “Waiting for Kentridge” exhibition begins with multiple images of Kentridge, sitting or leaning on the famous Victoria and Albert sofa by Ron Aradan emblematic Moroso product, in an ironic visual joke that amuses both the South African artist and the master of design.

The exhibition, a journey into one of the artist’s most painstaking series of works, is open under current regulations between 17.00 and 20.00 Tuesday to Saturday, and on Sundays 21 and 28 November at the new Moroso space in front of the company’s historic headquarters at Via Nazionale 85, Tavagnacco. 


Films on show:

Discourse on a chair, 1975, 1′ 2” 

Monument, 1990, 3′ 11” 

Mine, 1991, 5′ 50”

Felix, 1994. 8′ 43”

Ubu Tells the Truth, 1997, 8′ 

Breathe, Dissolve, Return, 2008, 6′ 17” each

Other Faces, 2011, 11’10”

Sonnets, 2012, 3′ 38” 

Second-hand Reading, 2013, 7′ 

Self-Dictionary, 2016, 2′ 44” 

Waiting for the Sybil, 2019, 9′ 59” 

City Deep, 2020, 9′ 41” 

The exhibition “Waiting for Kentridge” is promoted by Regione FVG Promoturismo and MIBAC and realized in conjunction with: TriesteContemporanea, Fondazione Ado Furlan and Libreria Martincigh.