Diesel Living — Together Apart[ment]

Diesel Living presents versatile designs for inhabiting our spaces together and apart.

For Fuorisalone 2021, Diesel Living presented a return to living – Together Apart[ment] – a revival for the relevance of interiors.

In this unprecedented period, when we’ve spent so much time in separation, Diesel Living invites the world in, virtually or live, to embrace a home environment designed for the versatility to adapt to our lives as they evolve inside our homes. Created in collaboration with the best of Made in Italy, the new furnishings and designs offer highly customizable comfort and indulgent luxury spun with Diesel Living’s mordantly renegade spirit.

Designed in dialog with the outdoors, the interiors evoke nature and a dissolving of the borders between our apartments and the world beyond.
The new Cloudscape couch, of recycled cotton, pulls the sky inside with its form created by a puff of pillows — an irreverent and voluminous approach to upholstery, with sofa arms and seatbacks whose angles can be repositioned, to feel yourself sitting on a cloud.
The Mecano, the first-ever bookshelf from Diesel Living, recalls the utilitarian metal office dividers of the mid-century, while the ruggedly military attire-inspired Camp Bed sports a bedframe upholstered in leather.

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